Software Development in Afghanistan

Businesses who want to gain a competitive edge by delivering a niche product or service, or who have a requirement that is otherwise outside the mainstream of their target industry face a dilemma because they must either create it themselves or compromise their vision and strategy to match what is already available and can be modified for a price.

Cost–Effective And Innovative Software.

Customised software for all your software requirements.

We are here to make your business ideas true.

Software development encompasses all the processes such as designing, specifying, programming, conceiving, testing and bug fixing in the creation or maintenance of applications or frameworks or other components related to software. Software development services are integral in the present climate because software products are utilized by consumers all over the world and that is why there is a mushrooming of software development company.

When you partner with us, you never have to settle.

Design and Develop software across mobile, desktop and enterprise.

Focusing on business requirements, not technology-led solutions.

We can enhance existing packages or deliver something completely new.

We can manage the software from cradle to ensure tight control.

Our Best Software Development Services


Providing end-to-end development from requirement analysis for deployment and rollout.


The application management layer cuts across all software engineering activities listed above. PAMIR ALPHA takes complete ownership of the outsourced suite of applications as per the agreed scope and manages the support. This typically involves transition management, project management, proactive risk and scope change management, quality management, SLA management etc.


Changing or enhancing software to meet changing or increasing business demands in the post-rollout phase of an application,


Providing 5 star on-call support. On-call support further includes (24×7).


Replacing, migrating and integrating legacy or bespoke systems.