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Join us in shaping the future of businesses.

Pamir Alpha Technologies is different from the rest. We want to change the world. We are driven by our belief that smarter businesses make the world a better place. And smarter businesses are ready for the future, today.

Why work at the Pamir Alpha Technologies.?


Be part of the team that creates and delivers cutting-edge technologies and impeccable services to businesses that propel them into the future. Employees at every level are given the opportunities to create, innovate and make a difference to the overall experience of our clients.


We are astoundingly ambitious. We are growing at a phenomenal rate. We have tons of learning and development programs that will help you grow speedily with us too. If you are talented, we will expose you to the different areas of the business and move you up quickly.


We work extremely hard. But that does not stop us from playing even harder. The creative journey should be fun, enjoyable and full of surprises. Just make sure that you have delivered your part brilliantly before playing. We are still old school in that way.

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PAT is growing at a phenomenal rate and constantly hiring and doing open recruitment. Check out the positions that we have below.

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