Pamir Alpha Logistics Services.

Pamir Alpha provides dedicated IT equipment delivery services from Anywhere in world to Afghanistan. Our partners and good vendors ensure that you meet your deadlines for delivery. We will bring equipment to its final destination and connect it to power and networks.


You can trust us to deliver across the Afghanistan.

We have done our utmost to ensure that the entire transportation process will go as smoothly as possible through several means with Hassle-free service delivery.


Did anyone tell you about our speed of delivery? Yes we are fast, reliable and risk free. we will bring your courier to you in less than no time. we have no qualms in saying that we can offer a perfect courier solution to you

Secure International Courier

Pamir Alpha Provide Best & Secure International delivery to Afghanistan with best rate and best service via trusted courier networks.


Our experienced workforce provides a range of efficient and cost-effective courier, cargo, parcel & Logistics services, as well as prompt, reliable distribution in Afghanistan.



With right technologies in place, we can aim to reduce operational expenses remarkably.

Quality Policy

Our periodic carrier-performance evaluation helps us drive the costs down and improve transit times.

Tailor made Solutions

We completely and minutely assess our clients’ requirements and objectives.

Our exclusive one-stop Delivery approach.

We have been in the computer servicing industry for over 10+ years and is dedicated to providing you with the fastest and easiest computer logistics services you need. So, the next time you need something as painful as computer logistics done for you, or any other form of computer service, do not hesitate to call a company that will ensure that you get the best possible service they can provide.

Computer equipment delivery center
Minimize work disruptions and downtime
Keep your company focused on core business priorities
Take advantage of our national network of transporter,
Deadlines by taking advantage of our logistics management

Useful information for sending a parcel to Afghanistan

In order to ensure a delivery on time, please ensure that your parcel has the full, correct address, an email address in the correct format and a mobile or landline number for the intended recipient. This will help the delivery partner to ensure the parcel is delivered correct first time. This should be clearly marked on the parcel.
Timescales we tell you will not include delays caused by destination country customs processes. Please be aware that customs could add additional time to your parcel delivery.

Send Parcels, Documents, Freight, Pallets & Luggage to Afghanistan

To avoid delivery / customs issues, our carrier partners request that a full name is mandatory for the parcels (e.g. Mr Mohammad Afshin Hamoon)
Requirement for commercial invoice on headed paper.
Consignments exceeding 5KG or 50 USD may require additional paperwork from the consignee
Our transit times are based upon collection times, sender and recipient locations.

Afghanistan Customs: Shipping Restrictions & Prohibited Items

Confused on Afghanistan customs and regulations? Before shipping to Afghanistan, it's important to know if there are any special arrangements to make when sending them or even if they are legal at all.

The list of restricted items changes frequently, so it's always best to check the official customs page prior to sending your goods. AFGHAN CUSTOMS:







Fresh Food