NETWORK & INFRASTRUCTURE Services in Afghanistan

Growth in the Solution Integration (SI) services market is fueled by the need for seamless business processes across an organization’s complete value chain of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.Our services enable clients to identify, develop, and implement the best-fit solutions which are equipped to meet their changing business requirements.

Build and design the ideal network.

Why Pamir Alpha in Infrastructure?

It’s easy to string PCs together with cables and call it a network. Making sense of it is the hard part. When you call Us, we guarantee that you are making a solid investment, from the initial design to the end result. We are not interested in upselling unnecessary equipment or bloated hardware. Our approach is to combine quality assurance with an “every penny matters” mindset. We understand you are operating on a budget and are here to help to offer competitive rates for customized networking solutions.

Feel secure that our expert engineers care about you and the needs of your business. We know that when shopping for a network it can be easy to get bombarded with technical jargon and pressured into something you may not need. At Pamir Alpha, we value your trust and operate with absolute transparency. We are here to find the best answer to your networking needs.

Minimize risks
Maximize compatibility
Leverage IT investments

Specialized in following network infrastructure services

Expert pre-sales consultation and customized network design

Data and telephone cabling installations

Powerful equipment, from workstations to servers

Client/Server architectures based on Microsoft Windows Server

Peer-to-Peer architectures for the smallest needs

Cloud Computing

Training on network maintenance and administration

Around the clock help desk support