3CX Appliance Mini PC in Afghanistan

We provide a Mini PC so that you create a 3CX PBX Appliance. Using a Mini PC you can put together a low cost, yet reliable appliance that can be used in smaller offices where no server is available.

The low cost 3CX appliance.

Besides low cost, Mini PCs offer a number of additional advantages:

Even if it's packed in a small MiniPC appliance, it has a lot of horsepower, powered by a strong processor and taking full advantage of the state-of-the-art 3CX PBX. This enables the PBX to scale from 20 to 500 users. Preloaded with 3CX, the installation and management are so easy that it will cut the time it takes you to deliver the PBX to your customer in half. This translates into a huge increase in productivity and big cost savings. therefore, updates and settings can be configured remotely. It’s practically impossible to hack. Not only its include 3CX’s native anti-hacking tool, it also comes pre-loaded with the Hacking Method Auto-Tracking and IP Blacklist Global Track & Share.

Small form factor – no space requirements

They use very little power – No more high electricity bills

They are very silent – Work peacefully without any noise.

They generate little heat – Save extra money on cooling systems.

Rebrandable Mini PC

Completely customizable and rebrandable Mini PC, allows you to keep your brand at the forefront. From the box itself, to the software inside, the Mini PC enables you to brand your offering as you wish. And all this at an unmatchable price!

Completely customizable and rebrandable

LOGO customization

Opening holes customization

Hardware Options.

With just minimal investment, call centers can start “burning up” the lines in record time!

Certified By 3CX For Reliability.

Working Temperature: 1 5 °C ~ 60 °C

Working Humidity: 0%~95% Relative humidity, no condensation

Storage Temperature: -40 °C ~ 70 °C

Storage Humidity: 10% ~ 90%

Aging Test: 24 hours

Mini PC Packaging

So if you want to go ahead and source your own Mini PC, look for these specs:

Let’s start talking about how can you order your own Mini PC.