IP-PaBX Solutions in Afghanistan

With 3CX Soft/IP PaBX system we are able to fulfill any kind of IP PaBX system or Call Center Systems needs you have or your customer have, with our highest functional but still low-cost system you will enjoy the functionalities of call center or IP PaBX system. as an integrator, installer and supplier of small scale to large scale business telephone system and hybrid telecom solutions in Afghanistan.

For Business Communications.

What is the PaBX System?

PaBX is a private business phone systems found in an organization. This system has lots of outside lines that users can share to generate outside telephone calls. A PaBX also connects the phones within the company to one another as well as connects these people to outside lines. Dividing line inside a company means you’ll have a greater variety of handsets when compared with lines needed, thus reducing costs. As a company, you will have to purchase and install a PBX network and operate it internally to the office.

How about PaBX as your office Telephone System?

IP represents Internet Protocol. An IP PaBX supports voice over internet protocol or VoIP. It converts IP phone calls into a traditional circuit-switched TDM connection for your PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network). This technique also supports both digital and analog phones. An IP PaBX allows a business to migrate slowly to the IP Office telephone system environment. Because of the nature of having all digital components, VoIP Telephone Systems offer unmatched flexibility featuring for businesses and therefore are commonly a fraction of the cost of a traditional Telephone system. Unlike POTS lines, a Telephone number controlled with a VoIP PaBX system not restricted to one geographic location. VoIP Business Telephone System allows companies to geographically disperse their workforce and keep a standard dialing and number structure. For bigger businesses, VoIP Business Telephone System is often coupled with PRI lines to deliver optimal voice features together with the most beneficial system stability. IP Telephone system using VoIP Phones as user communications.