Data Center Solutions in Afghanistan

Our solutions seamlessly integrate functional areas while improving cooling, power and density efficiency. Maximum uptime. Highest energy efficiency. Full scalability. Utmost security and safety. The stakes are high, and challenges are manifold for data center infrastructure managers. We have therefore pooled our vast expertise and experience in data center services operations to support them across several disciplines.

Integrated data center solutions.

Why Choose Pamir Alpha Technologies?

Flexible & equipped for the future

Through a consistent modular approach and scalability, all options are open to you.

We thinks ahead. Upcoming standards are already covered today.

Networks can be adapted at any time to new market developments and site conditions.

Innovative & reliable

Very fast-assembly technology reduces installation time by as much as 30%.

Quality, prefabricated products, and reliability features increase availability.

Error-free handling and high operational reliability thanks to training and professional instruction.

Efficient & cost-effective

End-to-end compatible systems simplify planning, assembly, and operation.

Favorable ratio, fully justifiable total cost of ownership.

The investments required are reduced by being able to purchase only what is needed to meet specific requirements.

Our Data Center Solutions; Supplies, Delivery & Installation

  • Space Preparation,
  • Raised Floor,
  • Racks,
  • Cooling,
  • Power Supplies,
  • Cable Containment,
  • FM200,
  • Data Center Cabling,
  • Security,
  • Access Controls,
  • Environment Monitoring