cPanel Licenses from PAMIRWEBHOST.COM One Flat Rate*


As most of you are aware, cPanel has drastically changed their licensing structure. This has had a major impact on the industry, especially for license providers like PAMIR WEBS. Currently we are working with our data center, in-house developers and our cpanel representative to implement these changes into our in-house licensing system.

If you use cPanel but are unfamiliar with the new licensing structure that has been passed down by cPanel, they have converted the licensing structure to a (“Per Account”) scheme. This is a drastic change in comparison to the previous structure which was available on a per server basis.

PAMIR WEBS understands that this may impact your business in a major way if you have a significant number of user accounts but, unfortunately it has become evident that cPanel is committed to their new licensing structure.
PAMIR WEBS has obtained an extension from data center on our pricing adjustments until December 25th, 2019 from in order to better assist our customers in the transition to the new licensing scheme and while we determine how we will move forward through our data center with cPanel.

As of December 2nd, 2019 – PAMIR WEBS will no longer be offering NEW cPanel licenses as a service offering until we have resolved our future pricing with our data center regarding their pricing. However, we will extend the pricing adjustments to all existing users until December 25th, 2019.

PAMIR WEBS understands that this will have a major impact on your service offerings and license pricing should we continue using cPanel and as such we wish to offer a helping hand to anyone that is open to migrating off of cPanel to a suitable alternative. PAMIR WEBS has partnered with license providers to offer DirectAdmin and has worked with their founders to ensure that they are the proper partner for our customers.

PAMIR WEBS will offer (“FREE”) migration assistance to any customer that wishes to migrate off of cPanel to our new direct partner, DirectAdmin or Centos Panel. This includes a full migration of your cPanel environment.

DirectAdmin Licensing Pricing:

1.) Virtual Server License: $12.50/month
2.) IaaS License (Dedicated Server): $25.00/month

Note: If you still would like to stay on cPanel with us we will have following prices for you;

Complete cPanel License Pricing
Infrastructure leased in our data centers pricing:

Internal VPS Solo = $19 per month (host upto 5 accounts)
Internal Dedicated Solo = $35 per month (host upto 20 accounts)
Internal VPS/Dedicated UNLIMITED = $50 per month for UNLIMITED accounts

Shared Hosting: No change in account pricing
Resellers with up to 100 accounts increase by $10 per month
Resellers with more than 100 accounts increase by $50 per month

External license pricing (for servers outside our data centers):

$49.95 up to 100 accounts and $0.30 per account over 100 accounts

Updated pricing goes into effect January 1st, 2020.

If any customer wishes to move forward with the transition to our new primary licensing partner, please contact [email protected].

Additional updates will follow as we make progress on the licensing of channel with our data center.


Thank You,

Management Team
Pamir Webs Technology